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Rebecca was a cute, 'girl-next-door' type, and new babysitter for the McConleys' 10 year old son, Billy. Rebecca had been on her feet all day at school at the local college, and decided to remove her shoes to relax in the family's lazyboy while her and Billy watched some TV.

Billy was on the floor, but he wasn't able to pay too close attention to the TV program they were watching, as he became completely distracted by the beautiful set of barefeet that were sticking out beyond the foot rest.

Rebecca noticed right away that Billy was staring at her barefeet. She had recently learned that her feet were becoming quite the attraction in her classes. Rebecca liked to be comfortable while in the classroom, and often she would slip out of her shoes to be barefoot. Sometimes she would put her pedicured barefeet up on the desks in front of her. As of late she was catching many guys in her classes staring at her soft, bare soles. She'd wondered lately if she might be distracting these poor lads, and had just in the last few days recalled an incident from her past that would have bearing on how the evening progressed at the McConley's.

When Rebecca was in her early teens she watched an old David Copperfield magic special on TV. His beautiful female assistant was restrained in the classic 'sawed-in-half' box with only her head visible on the one end, and her two bare feet exposed at the other. She watched the masterful magician, Copperfield, take out a large peacock feather from his quill, and begin running it along the arches of her bare soles. The assistant looked as if she was in ecstasy by the way she threw her head back and laughed as the feather worked its own brand of magic. Rebecca remembers becoming a little uneasy with how this scene on TV was making her feel. She was jealous of this woman...wanting it to be her, not the assistant having her feet tickled like that. She forgot all about that episode until recently when she saw the guys in her class staring at her feet. She began to secretly fantasize about having a guy run a feather over her soles as she tried to pay attention in history class.

So back to present day. Rebecca is about 10 minutes into the TV program, and she notices that Billy is staring at her lovely arches and pedicured toes from the floor. As the picture caption indicates, she thinks it's kind of cute, Billy's interest in her barefeet. She decides to invite him to play a little tickle game with her before she puts him to bed for the evening.

Billy races to his Mom and Dad's room, grabs the feather out their vase on the night stand, and runs back into the living room. There, Rebecca, huge smile on her face, says to Billy, 'Alright, let's play a little game shall we? You are the pirate, Blackbeard, and you have captured the boat I am sailing on in the South Pacific. I am the only one on the boat with a key to the treasure chest that resides in the bow of the ship. You know I have this key, and you are going to tickle my feet to try and get me to release its whereabouts to you. Got it?' Billy nods with an equally huge smile on his face. 'Ok, then, go ahead, try to tickle that key location out of me! Ha ha ha!'.

Billy can't believe what's happening! He is getting to tickle his beautiful babysitter! From the moment he met her earlier in the evening, he had wondered if she might take off her shoes, and sack out on in the Lazy Boy recliner like so many before her. The Lazy-Boy recliner was just a monument to relaxation and comfort. All of Billy's past sitters had fallen victim to its charms of 'Take off your shoes and stay a while!". Billy had gotten into the habit of just sitting on the floor right next to and below the chair's footrest and waiting for the moment where the shoes came off and the bare feet voyeurism was on. He would watch entranced as they would inevitably wiggle their toes and rubb their arches together. Billy never got up the gumption to try and touch or tickle any of the babysitters' bare feet. He thought about it alot though, wondered what it would be like to stroke the inside arch of one of these perfectly pedicured soles and hear that woman's laughter. So now, with this new babysitter, Rebecca, he was already rocketed to the next level! He was being GIVEN the opportunity to actually stare at AND tickle barefeet! It was just too good to be true! Billy, took a deep breath, thanked his lucky stars, and began his best Blackbeard the Tickler impersonation. 'Ahoy captain! Me thinks I's found the booty! Arrrghhhh!" He began to run the feather softly over Rebecca's bare soles and toes.

At first, the feather only tickled Rebecca slightly as she was just getting into her character as the poor lass in distress. She just laughed merrily as the soft, pink fibers of the feather danced all over her arches and she mouthed something to the effect of, "Oh Blackbeard, I'll never give up the secret key! Ha Ha Ha! I don't care how long you tickle my soft bare feet! Ah ha ha ha!"

But Billy was a quick study and he was learning how to elicit more laughter from Rebecca. He stroked the feather a little stronger along the edges of her arches and in between her toes. Rebecca's laugh kept increasing along a continuum. She eventually reached that stage where she couldn't contain her deepest laughter anymore and she just gave in, leaned her head back, and let the ticklish sensations reverberate throughout her entire body.

As she was being tickled, she thought, 'Finally, I've become that assistant in the David Copperfield magic show, albeit under slightly less restrained and less 'magical' circumstances.'

Billy, now embracing his 'Blackbearded-ness' kept asking Rebecca, 'Now where is the key my lassie, arrrgghhhh?!' and each time, Rebecca would laugh at the fake pirate accent, and say in between laughing, "I don't know...Ah ha ha ha! And even if I did, Blackbeard, no amount of tickling my toes like that will make me tell you! Ahh ha ha ha!" These kinds of ticklish exchanges went on for about 20 minutes. Billy just relished his role as playful ticklish interrogator, while Rebecca blossomed as the forlorn lass yielding to a tour de force barefeet feather tickling.

Rebecca didn't want the little game to end, but she knew the McConleys would be coming back soon, and if Billy wasn't in bed, they wouldn't be happy.

So after a few more minutes of Blackbeard's ticklish questioning, Rebecca gave up the goods, "Oh Blackbeard, Ah ha ha ha! You've tickled my bare feet so much that I must tell you where the secret key is! Ah ha ha ha! It's in the kitchen drawer! Ah ha ha ha!" And with that, Billy smiled a somewhat disappointed smile, but in the back of his mind, he was just elated at what had just transpired. Still in character, Billy remarked, 'Well, yo ho ho, me lass, arrrghhhhh! Me thanks you for lettin' me tickle yer beautiful bare feet 'till you gave me yer treasure chest key! Shiver me timbers!" Rebecca laughed again and said, "Oh Blackbeard, you sure know how to make a lass talk! My feet are so ticklish! I hope I don't run into you again out here on the high seas!" Without missing a beat, Billy followed up with, "Oh, me lassie, you best watch out, feet like ye have there are made to be tickled by the likes of scoundrels like me. Arrrgghhhh!"

They both hugged, and Rebecca tucked Billy into bed. Still barefoot, Rebecca walked back to the living room and reclined in the same chair where minutes ago her little tootsies were being joyously tickled by Billy Blackbeard. It wasn't long before Rebecca was in a deep sleep, dreaming about pirates, damsels in distress, and the interplay between their respective feathers and feet.

The End.
rebecca has a little tickling fun
thequietone223 Featured By Owner Feb 20, 2012
Man... I had a babysitter with the same kind of feet. One time I was over at her house and we were watching some T.V. and she was barefoot. She had her legs curled up. I couldn't focus on the television because of her feet... she's basically the one who started my tickle/foot fetish.... and I love her for that.
TheDaa Featured By Owner Oct 15, 2011
i will give it a ....... 1000 points good story
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