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The Simpson family was sitting in the kitchen eating their breakfast.
Hurry up kids, Marge said or you?gonna be late for school. No problem mam, said Bart, if I?ate I?just stay at home for the day. Homer gets from his chair and started looking for his keys. Marge he wined, were are my keys?? I can?ind them anywhere. Look at the door, they could still be on the door! Right said Homer, see you tonight he said. With this Homer left to work. As he left the house, the school bus stopped at the front door. See you this evening kids said Marge. Bart and Lisa said bye and jumped at the school bus.
Bart had already some practical jokes in mind for the day. He would draw some graffiti at the wall of the principal?ffice, throw a rat in the girls bathroom and some more stuff.
At lunch he made his plans come true and cached a rat, he went to the little girls room and threw it in there. Screams filled the room. Willie and principal Skinner ran to the girl?oom. Aargh, it seems like there? war out there Skinner, said Willie. Oh, we?see who started the war Skinner said. When they arrived they saw the two Simpson kids arguing. Oh Bart, Lisa said, how could you do this? Just a practical joke replied Bart. Lisa turned to the principal and told what Bart had done.
Well young man, that will be a couple of weeks of detention, he said.
Oh you lousy sister Bart said, I?get back to you.
Bart almost immediately knew how, he would write his sister a note that someone loved her, he would sent her somewhere where he could make her very very scary.
He sent her to the park after schooltime.
Lisa found the note in her school books and she immediately fell for it. Who could it be she thought, who would love me??
Bart off course had his detention, but you all know Bart, he lied to the principal and said he was ill and had a stomach ache. Alright Skinner said, you?free to go now, but you still have detention starting tomorrow. Yes said Bart.
He went off to the super market and bought some black clothes and some rope.
Now he had to hurry to be at the park in time. He arrived and saw his little sister waiting for her love. Hahaha, he said quietly, i?get her now. He put on the black clothes and disguised himself. He slowly got behind Lisa and grabbed her. She screamed, but couldn?et loose. Let me go she said. Bart blindfolded her and grabbed her arms behind her back and tied them together. He then pushed her and tied her legs together. He picked her up and continued his way to the woods.
Lisa screamed and tried to untie herself, but she could not get loose. When they arrived at the woods, Bart removed her blindfold and removed his black clothes.
So it was you Lisa said, come on Bart, let me go, what are you gonna do to me?
Good question Bart said what could we do to you?
While Bart thought of that an ant climbed up to Lisa?eg and started running to her feet ( who were off cours bare in her shoes ). Ahaha, she said, that tickles, hihi.
Oh Bart said, is my little sister ticklish? Well, then i have something in mind for you, be right back. Hey, where are you going to? Bart didn?ook back anymore. Bart started to look for little twigs with leaves on it. After he found a couple he got back to Lisa. He picked her up to a nearby branch and untied her legs. After this he tied them again to the branch. So you?ticklish he said, let?ee how much you could take he said. Lisa screamed, oh no Bart, don?ickle me, i?xtremely ticklish, don?o it. I?do anything for you.
You shouldn?ave told it to the principal he said, now you?have to take the penalty for it. He removed both of her shoes and looked at her pretty tiny feet. Here it comes he said. He started moving his fingers up and down Lisa?are sole.
HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH STOOOOOOPPPPPP !!!!!!!!!!!! I CAN?AKE THIS. Bart moved his fingers even faster up and down her sole and tortured her on and on until Lisa couldn?ake it really anymore.
Hahaha, Lisa said, now, you have had your pleasure, let me go.
Oh no, little sis Bart said, i?ust getting started.
He pulled of a leave and started stroking this at her other sole and between her toes.
He continued doing this for another five minutes.
And now, for the big finale he said, i?onna tickle you until you wet your pants.
He sat down behind Lisa and started tickling both of her bare soles with his fingers. She screamed and begged but Bart wouldn?isten. He tickled harder and harder and Lisa screamed harder and harder and this went on for about 15 minutes but still Lisa hasn?et her pants and Bart was not happy.
Oh man he said, and as he said it he thought of something. Didn?e had some pencils in the back pocket of his pants. BINGO!!
Oh no, Lisa said, not the pencils please Bart not the pencils. He slowly moved one pencil at her arche, then at her heel, the bare sole and right between the toes.
Hahahahahahaahah STOP!!! He started drawing circles at her sole and ran up and down with the pencil. Lisa screamed and begged. He did the same thing at her other foot. He really thought that his sister had great feet. After he tickled the other foot with the pencil he stopped. He started massaging her feet and tickled them every now and then. Lisa was still laughing but you could see she was enjoying this.
Bart got bored after a while and tickled his sisters feet for another half hour with his fingers. He scratched her soles and arches tickled right under her toes.
After this Bart untied her and apologized for the heavy torture. You shouldn?ave told it he said. Oh, that?ll right Lisa said.
They went home together and Lisa thought of something, a great way to pay Bart back for what he did. She still got the rope and Bart had a very good bed to tie him up too. This night when her parents were out and grandpa was babysitting, she would get back to him.
And she did. Homer and Marge left the house for a pleasant evening of opera. Homer off course thought that it was everything but pleasant and was still wining as they drove the car from the drive way. Be good kids Marge said. We will! Lisa said this with a big smile on her face.
Bart was feeling very tired and went to his bedroom. I?ff to bed he said.
Lisa waited for an hour and then went upstairs. Being the babysitter he was, grandpa already felt asleep, and had absolutely no clue what was going on.
Lisa went to her room and picked up the ropes. Being a very hot day, Bart fell asleep with only his shorts on and no blankets on his bed. He layed stretched out on the bed and Lisa giggled a bit. She jumped on top of Bart and before he knew it his hands were already secured to the bed. Lisa went to the other side of the bed and secured his ankels to the sides of the bed. Bart was now spread tied to the bed and you could see at his face that he was getting scared.
What are you gonna do? He asked.
I could see if you?as ticklish as i am, was Lisa?esponse.
Oh please no Bart begged, don?ickle me.
Why not said Lisa it?ayback time Bart and i?onna enjoy this.
She quickly ran up and down Bart soles with her fingers.
HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH STOOP !!! Please LISE, don?ickle me!!!!!
She paid no attention to this and tickled Bart even harder.
After a couple more minutes she stopped and left Bart tied to the bed. Lisa went to her room and came back with a really big turkey feather which she was studying for a school project.
Bart saw the feather and immediately started to beg Lisa not to tickle him with the feather.
But Lisa wouldn?isten to Bart and started stroking the feather at his tummy, sides and his ribs and armpits.
Lisa still moved the feather at his tummy but she started to go to his feet. She moved the feather up and down Bart?ender and extremely ticklish soles. Bart screamed and begged her to stop, but Lisa continued tickling him for another half hour with the feather.
Then she stopped. Have you now learned your lesson she asked.
Hell no he replied.
Then i?onna tickle you for another half hour Lisa said.
But Lisa was already at Bart?ummy and started tickling it with her fingers. She also tickled is sides, his ribs and his armpits. The last five minutes of the half hour she only scratched at his bare soles and tickled him right under his toes.
Learned your lesson now she asked again.
Haha, sure yeah, haha, as long as you don?ickle me anymore.
Alright she said, she untied Bart.
Nighty night she said, sweet dreams.
Oh yes, Bart thought, i?onna dream about tying you up and giving you the longest tickle torture a human being can bare. He smiled and fell asleep.

i'm srry for my bad spelling in this but this was the first tickle story i ever wrote.
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Nice story. I loved it!
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Thank you. I'm glad you did :)
Laurenlily96 Featured By Owner Sep 27, 2014  Professional Writer
No problem. :)
jason9800player2 Featured By Owner Sep 27, 2014
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The Simpsons are extreamly ticklish
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someone needs to make a comic of this
jason9800player2 Featured By Owner Feb 16, 2010
i agree with you
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exllcent fic here
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